Smoothie Staples

August 06, 2014

Sometimes when the kids are hungry, we just don’t know what to make. Its morning, the kids are at the breakfast table, and you’re staring into the refrigerator. It’s packed full of breakfast ingredients and you internally debate the available options.

Milk for cereal? Too boring.
Eggs? Too hot.
Pancakes? Too many steps.
French toast? Forget about it!

If only there was a healthy breakfast that took less than two minutes from start to finish. It sounds too good to be true, but consider the smoothie! When the heat has the kids searching for something to cool down with, smoothies fit the bill. Smoothies are great because they are practically foolproof! While you may not need a recipe, you’ll want to consider four main parts: a base, fruit, vegetable, and ice.

Ice – Ice cubes are a staple for a cold smoothie. Just make sure to pop a few in the blender first in order to prevent ice chips and guarantee a smooth consistency.

Base – Milk is traditionally the star foundation for smoothies, but feel free to branch out with almond or soy milk. For a fruitier smoothie, try adding juice. For a thicker consistency, yogurt is great. If you’re looking for a pop of protein, go with plain Greek yogurt.

Fruit – Wash a handful of your favorite seasonal fruits (think strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc.) and toss in the blender. For a creamier consistency, try adding a frozen banana. Peel and cut the banana into chunks before freezing so it will fit in the blender. While we’re on the topic of frozen fruits, check your grocery freezer aisle. Frozen fruits often cost less than fresh and they are just as nutritious!

Vegetable – Vegetables in a smoothie? Give it a try! The sweetness of the fruit can mask some of the veggie flavor so much so that your kids won’t even detect it. If you’re new to adding veggies, start with basics like a handful of baby spinach or kale.

Add-ins – If you’re looking to make a nutritional powerhouse in a glass, try adding a small scoop of peanut butter or a handful of nuts. Nuts are notorious for containing healthy fats and protein which both promote satiation until the next meal.

When you’ve decided on your combinations (the possibilities are endless!), crush in a blender until desired consistency is achieved. Keep trying new varieties until you find your child’s favorite!

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